Bonfire Policies


We want to ensure a fantastic beach bonfire experience for everyone. However, due to the unpredictable nature of outdoor events, we cannot offer refunds for weather-related cancellations. If inclement weather is expected, you may reschedule your reservation for another day, with a $125 fee plus any necessary permitting fees, provided you notify us at least one day before your originally scheduled bonfire. Requests to reschedule must be made a day before the original date and are subject to availability. In case of cancellation, a refund minus the deposit will only be granted if you inform us two days prior to the bonfire. If you want to adjust the timing of your bonfire to avoid rain, we can accommodate such requests if made before noon. Our team is equipped to wait out the rain, and you can meet the attendant at the access or connect with us through our text service. If there’s a delay, we will let you know. Contact us for any questions or concerns, and we’ll do our best to be accommodating.

Turtle Nests

From May to October, turtle nests may appear, and if one blocks your bonfire access, we will reschedule to the next available access, with a $125 fee for a temporary permit plus any additional permitting fees, if applicable. If the county allows us to reschedule without fees, we won’t charge additional fees. If you don’t pick a new access, we will choose the next available one and update your reservation. Rescheduling due to turtle nests is not eligible for a refund.


In case you need to cancel your beach bonfire reservation, please notify us as soon as possible or at least two business days before the reservation by calling our office at 850-598-2799 or emailing [email protected]. All standard bonfires require a $175 deposit, and events, including bonfires with 30 or more guests, require a 50% or more deposit based on permitting costs. The full payment for bonfires must be made at the time of booking, and for events, the balance must be paid two weeks before the event. If you cancel, a refund minus the deposit will be granted, but only if you do so two days prior to the bonfire. No same-day cancellations or full refunds will be issued, and all refunds come with a $50 cancellation fee, which is included in the deposit.

Private Access

Private access is subject to all county regulations, including distance from dunes, and all flames, including fire pit and tiki torches, must be at least 50 feet away from the dunes. If the attendant arrives and finds that the beach does not have enough space to meet county regulations, the bonfire cannot be set up on the private beach. In this case, we will move to the next available public beach access, subject to permit availability, with a $125 fee for a new permit. If permits are not available or you choose not to continue with the bonfire, a 50% refund will be granted.


Any bonfire that requires a special event permit or includes our event equipment will be subject to a non-refundable 50% or more deposit (depending on additional permitting fees). Please note that all the above policies apply to events, but the event deposit is not the same as the standard bonfire deposit. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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